Flying Cars, ICOs, and the Urban Mobility Revolution

The term “flying car” is similar to the term “ICO”. No one who is part of the respective industry wants either term used (“flying car” should be eVTOL mobility or On-Demand Mobility, and “ICO” should be Token-Generating Event), but both flying cars and ICOs seem to be here to stay.

The Securing Mobility Summit and AutoMobility LA will both feature panels on the future of the flying car, and if all goes according to plan, attendees of the Summit on Nov 27th will get a virtual demo of the Bartini, a flying car being developed via an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) by Russian startup

Boeing has backed GoFly, a competition that will award up to $2 million in prizes to teams who can create a personal flying vehicle that can travel 20 miles while carrying a single person or dummy.

Lilium, a German flying car start-up, just raised $90M in an investment round led by Tencent Holdings and including investment from Obvious Ventures, the VC fund led by Twitter co-founder Evan Williams.

Flashbang, an immersive action-adventure theater concept, will premiere at Soho House West Hollywood on Nov 29th where, according to the plot, an Elon Musk-styled entrepreneur borrows money from the wrong people to build a flying car that more than one party wants, and will do anything to steal!

Come out to LA after Thanksgiving, spend the week and learn about the mobility revolution from the experts involved. Contact us for more information on any of the above events.